Civic Service

We offer FREE Safe Boating Instruction with a nominal charge for course materials. This course is approved for state licensing requirements and is open to non-members. In addition, we offer numerous 2-6 hour seminars covering many facets of boat operation and safety. We also cooperate with the U.S. Coast Guard for boating safety, NOAA for updating navigational charts, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary for Vessel Safety Examinations, and the Florida Marine Patrol for raising public awareness of water traffic rules.

Fraternal Activities

In addition to monthly meetings which offer interesting programs, we also participate in monthly weekend cruises, luncheons, and covered dish dinners. A variety of other social events are held throughout the year as well.


Courses are offered to help promote awareness of the safe operation of your boat. These courses include Boat Handling (formerly Seamanship), Marine Navigation (formerly Piloting), Advanced Marine Navigation (formerly Advanced Piloting), Marine Electronics, Engine Maintenance, Weather, Sailing and much more!

VHF radio
anchorage at sunset
Tampa Bay Chart